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Young Businesswomen

Representing Small and Family Owned Businesses
throughout California

Business Planning:

The attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP specialize in helping small businesses and family owned businesses and farms. The objective for every business should be creating short-and-long term goals and putting a plan in place to ensure the continued success of your business. The attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP can turn those thoughts into a reality.

If you're just starting out consider joining our Small Business Membership. 

Business Planning is the most important part of ensuring that your business thrives and succeeds in this competitive market. Not only is your business competing with other small businesses but with the big conglomerates. If this is your livelihood you want to ensure that all the proper procedures and legalities are in place. 

We help entrepreneurs decide which entity type is best for their goals: Limited Liability Company, C-Corporation, S-Corporation (taxation), Limited Partnerships, or Partnerships.


If you're the philanthropist type, then a Non-Profit is best suited for you and the attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP know the process and make sure it's completed both with the IRS and California. 


The attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP will work diligently to make sure that your partnership agreement, operating agreement or shareholder agreement is drafted properly and to your specifications on how the company should be run and managed.


You will also want to make sure you think about what happens if you retire, if you become incapacitated, or at your death, what will happen to the business? Not having a strategy and plan in place can be detrimental to the continuation of your business. This is why business succession planning is so important. (You can find out more in our Trust and Estates page).   


The attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP will also make sure that all the necessary agreements to protect your company are in place including, but not limited to, non-competition agreements, buy and sell agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employee handbooks, employment contracts and independent contractor agreements. 

As part of Business Planning, the attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP can assist with reviewing and negotiating your commercial real estate agreements, buying a new business or selling your current business or bringing in a new owner. 

Of course you can't be 100% protected, that's why the attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP are there for you when things go sideways. Often times clients are not being paid by vendors, someone breached the contract, a partner lied or someone committed fraud. There are many instances in which a company can come under attack and that is why the attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP also provide litigation support. (You can find out more in our Litigation page).

Regardless of where your business is at in its life cycle, that attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP can offer guidance and support. 

I am forever in debt to Sara and Chumahan. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable and professional, but they genuinely are committed to representing and helping their clients. As a small business owner I will continue to rely on them for their legal expertise...

Diana (Facebook Review)

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