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Representing Individuals and Families
throughout California

Family Law: 

Family law matters are extremely sensitive that's why the attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP are invested in every case they handle. 

The attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP recommend that before contemplating marriage ensure that you have a proper prenup in place. In order to ensure that the prenup is valid both partners must be represented by their own counsel. Further, you and your partner must make full financial disclosures to each other, generally can be done alongside the prenup agreement itself. 

If you already married and you need to divide the assets due to creditor issues or other concerns, you can create a postnuptial agreement. Again, both parties need to be represented by an attorney. 

In the unfortunate event of a divorce, the attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP can assist with the process of filing a divorce (dissolution) with the appropriate courthouse. If there are no minor children and no assets to divide up the process is relatively simple. If there are minors and/or assets to divide, the process can become lengthy and contentious. The attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP can assist you with child support, child custody and visitation, guardianship, alimony, division of assets, move away orders and domestic violence restraining orders. 

If you are already divorced, but you need to enforce the settlement agreement or a chance in circumstances has occurred, the attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP can assist with the litigation process. In family law, the attorneys file Request for Orders (RFO's) to make requests for the client based on the new circumstances, for instances: job loss, remarriage, allegations of abuse, relocation, or a minor turning 18. 

What is Dependency Court? When there are allegations of abuse by either a parent, relative or friend, or you are not protecting of your child properly or there is a threat of immediate harm to the child, social services will take your child out of your home. The attorneys at Ovando Bowen LLP can represent you as the non-abusive parent and help ensure that your child is placed with a relative instead of foster care and work with minor's counsel/social services. 

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